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Celebrating the joy of reading - Pizza and Paperback Night

Book Week is always a welcomed opportunity in the Junior School to promote the fun and enjoyment of reading and to celebrate the exciting world of children’s literature. A colourful, creative Book Week Parade took on many famous and magical characters, all selected from stories that children have read and reread over many years.

The Junior School introduced several new activities this year, one being the ‘Pizza and Paperback Night’. Recent research has revealed that young children gain greater benefits from a male family voice reading bedtime stories. Harvard University claims that male readers spark more imaginative discussions and are more instrumental to their children’s language development.

With that in mind, an invitation was sent home to families inviting, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and older brothers to come to the Centre for Learning and Innovation (CLI), bring a book or select one from the vast catalogue in the CLI, read a story and enjoy a pizza.

The event was a great success with the arrival of approximately 60 fathers and grandfather who enjoyed rummaging through the bookshelves in search of new and exciting tales and stories, which they then read to approximately 80 children. The wonderful family night of sharing ended with the devouring of well over 60 pizzas. The new event, a literary feast enjoyed by all.