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Cicada Awards Winners

Dex Pierce And Alyssa

On Friday 20 July, six Ormiston College students attended the screening of the 2018 Cicada Awards. Lucas, Matt and Luca from Year 2 entered the Under 12 Oceans Category, whereas Alyssa and I, from Year 7 and Pierce from Year 8, entered the 12-24 Open General Category. We were met with lots of fierce competition on the night, as this was the largest Cicada Awards ever.

The Cicada Awards is an initiative of the Wildlife Preservation Society (QLD) Redlands Branch. It has been running since 2011 and provides children with the opportunity to be heard. The cicada represents children’s’ voices. You might be small but you can make a lot of noise! All the competitors were required to make a short 4-minute film about an environmental issue in the Redlands area such as littering, pollution, animal endangerment, habitat loss or, as our team decided, the wetlands. The films are intended to educate and influence. They are shared with councils because of relevance to Local Laws Reviews and Non-Government Organisations whose work is related to the topics addressed by the entrants.

As the night progressed, the anticipation grew; the videos seemed to be getting better. Our film was one of the last to be played. Tension filled the air as the final video ended; it was almost time to find out the winners. The first category to be decided was ours. As third and second were announced we shifted further towards the edge of our seats. It was time to find out who won first place. “Pierce, Alyssa and Declan for Our Wetlands”. We leapt out of our chairs and bounded to the front of the stage to receive our certificates, but the night was not over. There were still more categories.

While we were still calming down after our first-place win, we heard Luca, Matt and Lucas’ names called out. They had won second place in their category for their brilliant film named “Balloons no way, Blow bubbles OK!”

Then came the award for Sophia Rose in Year 10, winning in the Highly Recommended films section, sponsored by Tangalooma Island Resort. Her film was titled “Where have all the shore birds gone?”.

It was nearing the end of the night, and there was only one more award left. The award for “Outstanding Contribution by a School to Wildlife Bayside’s Cicada Awards in Giving Youth a Chance to be Heard”. This is a perpetual award and it was no surprise to any of us when we heard the words: “Catherine Herzig” from “Ormiston College”. The crowd went mad.

It was an outstanding night for Ormiston College, receiving a first place, second place, highly commended and teacher’s award.

Declan Field
Year 7 Student