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Congratulations Class of 2018

2018 Graduation 117

Ormiston College is delighted to share the academic results of the 2018 Year 12 Graduates, who will now progress to tertiary education on an exciting journey towards their future careers.

Sixteen graduates were awarded the State’s highest Overall Position score, an OP1. The College warmly congratulates those students: Jason Bretz, Jade Cooper, Isabel Courtney, Mitchell Dixon, Elise Elkington, Lan Fang, Ally Hui, Annaliese Hui, Ainsley Johnston, Katherine Jones, Eve Macdonald, Sam Meaney, Sasha Ness, Isaac Robinson, Nolan Strawbridge and Alistair Swann.

Congratulations also to four graduates who achieved an OP2: Shae Brechbuhler, Denaye Eldershaw, Hayden Green and Jack Saunders.

Further congratulations to eight graduates among our highest achievers with an OP3: Amy Clift, Liam Gordon-Jacobs, Christopher Metcalfe, Alissa Pilgrim, Tristan Priddy, Alexandra Stennett, Lachlan Thompson and Mattias Winsen.

An outstanding 37% of graduates achieved an OP of five or better; 75.6% achieved an OP of 10 or better and 94.5% of the graduates achieved an OP score of 15 or better. A remarkable and well-earned result for the Class of 2018.

The Headmaster, Brett Webster, was extremely proud of the impressive outcome of the 2018 cohort. He thanked College staff for the important part they had played in supporting, educating and providing care to the students over the years, many of whom were Medallion Students, having spent their entire education at the College; others had commenced in Secondary School. All had acquired a great work ethic, the OC school spirit plus a lifetime of happy memories, providing them with confidence to face the global challenges of tomorrow.