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Congratulations Form Leaders and Swimming Age Champions

It was an exciting time at the Middle School assembly on Wednesday 15 February as the Middle School Form Leaders received their badges and the Swimming Age Champions were presented with their medals.

Form Leaders for 2017:

7.1 Rachael Taylor and Geoffrey Harvey

7.2 Chloe Howe and Oren Morgan

7.3 Ryan McDonald and Alexandra Bannister

7.4 Maree Wright and Alice Durham,

7.5 Olivia Sullivan and Danielle McBain

8.1 Emily Carter and Lara Drvodelic

8.2 Jaymee Vo and Thomas Rohm-Hurford

8.3 Trinity Bush and William Nicol

8.4 Zoe Carins and Khaled Khan

8.5 Tarni McCosker and Jack Byrne

9.1 Mitchell Hall and Chelsea James

9.2 Annelise Hill and Ella Burton

9.3 Chris Dembskey and Kristina Newton

9.4 Alasdair Sergeant and Kimberley O’Shea

9.5 Jessica Dowling and Sam Farrar

Swimming Age Champions:

12 years Olivia Sullivan (Laver) and Jadon Mitchell (Norman)

13 years Maya Sheil (Chappell) and George Rowell (Norman)

14 years Clare Rabjohns (Laver) and Oliver Collins (Laver)

15 years Kara Stock (Chappell) and Denham McDonnell (Chappell) tie with Luke Sloan (Wickham)

Well done everyone.

Sandra Middleton
Deputy Head of Middle School