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Connecting with real life audience in Germany

Our Year 8 German students have been involved in an online exchange with our partner school Käthe-Kollwitz Gymnasium in Germany from the beginning of this year.

Each term, they have shared a different topic through the Flipgrid platform and, by the end of the year, they have reaped the fruits of their labour by gaining a real-life audience for their German speaking practice and receiving communication back.

As part of the Eating and Dining unit, the Year 8 students created short cooking demonstrations for their German buddies who surprised us by using these to prepare some of the meals and share them at school in Germany. We have also inspired one of their students to record their own video and show the Australian audience how to cook breakfast porridge.

We hope that next year will bring more of these successes when our students get to produce more German texts for real-life audiences. Our students are also looking forward to meeting some of their German buddies next October.

Ingrid Pride

Acting Coordinator (Languages)