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Curious Affection For Art

Year 10, 11 and 12 Visual Art students enjoyed a day at Brisbane galleries on Thursday, May 17.  

A highlight of the day was getting up-close to the work of Patricia Piccinini at GOMA. Piccinini is the first Australian artist to create a solo body of work for an entire space for GOMA. The exhibition explored ‘Curious Affection’ and presented a view into an alternative world where nature and technology, humans and animals, fact and fiction all mix and intermingle in ways that are both strange and wonderful. Additionally, students ventured to QUT to see Bill Robinson’s Eternal Present at the William Robinson Gallery, and a fascinating new media exhibition, ‘Transboundaries’, by QUT alumni at the QUT Art Museum.
Visits to galleries such as these give our students opportunities to engage more deeply with art and provide them with added inspiration for the creation of their own works.

Julianne de Lange
Visual Arts Coordinator