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Delvene Cockatoo-Collins Visits OC

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Ormiston College was honoured to host Delvene Cockatoo-Collins as our Artist In Residence on the 2 May.  An emerging artist from Stradbroke Island, Delvene has an impressive folio of work nationally and internationally, with an exhibition currently held at Redland Art Gallery.

The Year 10 students were enthralled to hear about the creative process Delvene Cockatoo-Collins worked through to create the Commonwealth Games medals. She was inspired by stories told by her grandparents, traditional fresh water reed weavings and her observations of the sandbar movements. Delvene created the designs and then worked with the Australian Mint to actuate the works. Additionally, she designed the giant Migaloo whale for the Opening Ceremony.

Inspired by Delvene’s use of symbolism to represent the local landscape, Year 5 students created printmaking designs reflecting nature and patterns in our environment.  Delvene also worked with a very enthusiastic group of Year 1 students in the creation of insect drawings by exploring some unusual materials.

Delvene generously shared her experience and stories with Year 3 students, providing them with an insight into her indigenous culture and building on students’ learning experiences in their History unit.

Across the Junior and Senior schools of the College, students were curious to learn more about the rich meaning embedded in Delvene’s work, her sensitive approach to making art, and her journey to acclaim.

She said that it is important for people wishing to work in the arts to take every opportunity to exhibit and present their work. With this in mind, we remind Ormiston College students to enter their work at our local Redlands Yurara Art Awards. There are great prizes and it is a fabulous opportunity to exhibit work. See the website 

Melanie Thomson

Junior Art Teacher