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International Read to ME Day Saturday 19 March


“Literacy is a gateway skill for us all. If you can’t read you get left behind in so many ways.” So says Emma Mactaggart, creator of the ‘International Read to ME Day’, which is to be held, worldwide, on Saturday, 19 March.

Professor Guyonne Kalb, from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research, wanted to test whether reading itself lead to better outcomes or if there were other factors. On the recent study, analysed by researchers at the Institute he stated “No matter what else we tested, the results show that being read to is the single most important factor.”

Interesting results emerged dependent upon the amount of times a week different parents spent reading to their child. Some showing almost double the progress of one year ahead of the group who were not being read to regularly.

We would ask parents to consider the findings of Professor Kalb and put aside time to read on ‘International Read to ME Day’.

This may even be an opportunity to create a regular family activity. If you are interested in learning more about International Read to ME Day please visit their website

Peta Eagan
Secondary School Teacher