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Energy of Zumba!

Zumba was a hit start to the Term 3 Confidence activity in Year 7. Over the course of three weeks, the whole cohort will gather for Zumba sessions to engage in their Student Enhancement Program focus for this term. Designed to get the students out of their comfort zone, it was pleasing to see that everyone had a go and embraced this new experience with great enthusiasm. Who would have thought exercise could be so much fun? I think some students have found a new sport! 

Rosina Cullen
Year 7 Coordinator


Ella Kearey: Zumbastic! Not too intense, but fun intense.

Jacob Renel: It was fun and only slightly embarrassing.

Chloe Stretton: Made me feel like Michael Jackson.

Pierce Logan: It was enjoyable to move your feet to the beat.

Layla Titman: It was fun to explore my limits with Zumba.

Connor Martin: It was exciting to do a different kind of dance.