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Germ Outbreak During Celebrations

It was wonderful to so see so many of our Secondary School students interacting and enjoying the arts during International Arts Week.   

The Arts Precinct in the Senior School was transformed into a Germ Outbreak for this year’s International Arts Week. Building on the work of Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, students created Germ Brooches, designed new exotic germs and added to the collaborative Germ Project. An old washing machine was morphed into the home of a giant germ. Music was performed by Darya Karavulava, Bianca De Abreu, Aria Cannon and Paul Bletchly.

Not only does International Arts Week celebrate the distinctive strength of the Arts, it also recognises the positive contribution made by an Arts education on the holistic development of young people. QPAC Scholar in Residence, Professor Judith McLean, perfectly characterises the benefits of learning within the Arts:  "Play, curiosity, movement, sensory input: this is the first language of our children. By creating experiences for children to explore these inputs and flex their burgeoning muscles we are setting up the next generation to be creative, to be resilient and compassionate".

We hope that artistic encounters such as the ones experienced during Art Week inspire our students to make the celebration of the Arts a part of their lives.

Julianne de Lange

Art Coordinator