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Girl Essentials Workshop for Year 11 and Year 12

Wednesday 12 July our Year 11 and Year 12 girls participated in a ‘Girl Essentials’ workshop presented by Enlighten Education.

The session had two components.

The first was an engaging presentation that covered issues relevant to the daily lives of teenage girls in today’s society.

The variety of topics covered included negative stereotyping, sexism, media images, the fixation on being thin, setting personal boundaries, safe socializing behaviours, handling inappropriate text messages, managing conflict and using the internet safely.  In this workshop the girls were encouraged to critically evaluate the messages that bombard them every day and develop strategies that help them respond intelligently and objectively.

The second component was interactive. Learning how to manage stress effectively is essential for our modern lives. 

Instruction included yoga, mindfulness, and visualisation. In this workshop the girls were encouraged to seek balance in their lives. The activities were selected to help give them strategies that were fun and able to fit into any girl’s hectic lifestyle.

The feedback from our students was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to inviting Storm and Lou back to our College again in the future.

Sarndra Bown
Year 12 Coordinator