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Leadership in action

Recently the Middle School Form Leaders for Semester 1 were selected and received their badge on the Middle School Assembly. Form Leaders work with their Form Teacher to organise activities for their Form Class, to demonstrate leadership through assisting the Form Teacher and being a positive role model for their peers. The Semester 1 Form Leaders for 2018 are:

7.1: Alyssa Ryan, Brodie Wilson, 7.2: Olivia Shull, Joshua Burke, 7.3: Anais Waddell, Charlotte Slade-Smith, 7.4: Yaegen Hunter, Yaroslav Zharkov, 7.5: Chloe Richter, Lucas Wood

8.1: Diya Sriram, Zachary Dunbabin, 8.2: Kayla Jackson, Abigail Jackson, 8.3: Mia Jeffries, Lucy Thomson, 8.4: Eleanor Osborne, Logan Costello, 8.5: Olivia Sullivan, Jay Gills

9.1: Nasrene Akhtar, Harry Mok, 9.2: Lily Withers-Clarke, Sophie Lynch, 9.3: Ella Mathie, Lucinda Howe (absent), 9.4: Claudia Young, Sam Dench, 9.5: Karis Eldershaw, Dougray Melville

The Student Leadership Committees provide another leadership opportunity for Middle School students. This year two representatives from Year 7 join the Year 8 and Year 9 representatives on the Committee which is chaired by the Prefects. The members of the Student Leadership Committees are: 

Academic Committee -  Sophie Winslade and Cameron Harris (Year 7), Rachael Taylor (Year 8), Katherine Jiao (Year 9)

Cultural Committee - Lily Shaw and Kione Arthy (Year 7), Aaron Gomez (Year 8), Tarni McCosker (Year 9)

School Community Committee - Hayley O’Toole and Steffan Doyle (Year 7), Ryan McDonald (Year 8), Claudia Van Der Veen (Year 9)

Social Justice Committee - Ella McShane and Edward Cowen (Year 7), Chloe Stretton (Year 8), Zoe Carins (Year 9)

Sporting Committee - Jaime Miller and Nick Payne (Year 7), Alexandra Bannister (Year 8), Sam Paltridge (Year 9)