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Leading the way through 2017

On Friday 3 February, staff and all students from Year 1 to Year 12 made their way across campus to gather in the Somerset Sports Centre for the very first whole school assembly for 2017. Events that bring together the entire school are always regarded as special sharing occasions and the Prefects’ Investiture and Presentation of the Year 6 Leaders, was one such event. Also in attendance were Special Guest, Deputy Mayor of the Redland City, Councillor Wendy Boglary and the parents of the student recipients.

After the National Anthem and the College Prayer, the Headmaster, Mr Webster, gave a welcome prior to introducing the Deputy Mayor. Councillor Boglary spoke of the importance of leadership within the school culture. The Headmaster then invited the 13 Prefects to form a line so they may face the assembly when taking their Oath of Office. Councillor Boglary then presented the recipients with their badges.

It was also a celebration for the Year 6 Leaders, who took to the stage to receive their badges and words of congratulations from Councillor Boglary.

The podium was then taken up by the College Captains, firstly Sarah Naulls, who spoke of Commitment, Unity and Pride and of the decision to focus their year upon Pride, as it gives a reason to be committed. College Captain Lance Ash then took the podium elaborating on reasons why we should all be proud as we journey through school. Sarah ended with the saying “Don’t count the moments, make the moments count.” At the conclusion of the event those immediately involved attended a morning tea.

With approximately 1,300 people attending the whole school assembly, many of which were very young children, the mood and the atmosphere was one of sincerity and quiet contemplation, proof that the significance and importance of the event was felt by all those present.

Valerie Warwick
Ormiston College