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MOCCHA Club creates another extravaganza

There has been no rest since OC’s volunteer craft group finished the Carnival’s OC House of Horrors. The ladies have been busily working this term on the sets and costumes for the upcoming Junior Drama Production - The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

We have created 55 different Narnia creature masks with matching collars and cuffs to adorn the two teams of Narnia forest creatures. Teresa Pearson and I have also been busy sewing and creating headpieces and costumes which will certainly make an impact and help bring the lead characters to life. Aslan the Lion will definitely be spectacular creating a commanding character on stage. We are thrilled with the final results after the many hours spent creating the Lion headpiece after adding hundreds of individual wool pieces to make the lion’s mane. Mr Tumnus, Mr and Mrs Beaver, Maugrim the Wolf, two leopards, and the White Witch costumes have all been custom designed and made by us including making our own crystals for an amazing crown for the White Witch.

In addition to our work on the costumes, the team have been busy creating a winter wonderland that will become Narnia, each snow-laden tree has five different layered textures to create a beautiful snowy winter finish. The Wardrobe has been modified to create a more ornate presence and the finished constructed Lamppost stands at an imposing 3 metres tall. The fireplace and the White Witch’s sleigh have each become mini projects in their own right both which look fantastic and we hope everything will look amazing under lights on stage.

I am always so proud of our group’s achievements as our ideas come to life. This is only possible through the continued support of all the MOCCHA Club ladies that help out each Thursday and more as needed. I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all these ladies that have helped and especially Teresa Pearson for their tireless support and their continued kind involvement in bringing this latest project to fruition. I highly recommend the Ormiston College community come along to see our efforts and to see how the Junior Drama students will bring Narnia to life in what should be a wonderful show directed by Miss Hannah Sutherland and helped by many staff and parents.

Samantha Allen
MOCCHA Club Coordinator

Don’t miss out on seeing this fabulous production. Limited tickets are still available for the two evening shows on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 August.