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OC leads the way at Trinity College London Speech and Drama Examinations


Over the Christmas holidays Isabelle Treasure from Year 6 received the very exciting news that she had received the 2015 Bronze Medal for highest Trinity College Examination results for a student completing a Grade 1 – 5 Trinity College Speech and Drama Examination. As Isabelle completed her Grade 2 Drama exam, she was delighted to hear she had secured the Bronze Medal, having over-taken several other students - some competing at much higher levels.

Isabelle was awarded an outstanding 94/100 for her presentation of the poem Strict by Michael Rosen, the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carols’ story of Alice in Wonderland, as well as a self-devised mime performance.

All students across the Speech and Drama programme received exceptional results, with most students receiving a score above 90. The London examiner provided some very valuable feedback and was “astounded by the level of performing skills displayed by the students of the College.”

With many more Eisteddfods and concerts around the corner, we look forward to many more spectacular performances by our students.

Hannah Sutherland
Junior School Teacher