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Ormiston College Sports Night of Nights

The annual Ormiston College Sports Awards Night was held in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre on Wednesday 28 October. This night is a celebration of all Ormiston College sport played in 2015. While we all recognise that team sports are not won or lost by one player, those who are most valuable players do deserve recognition and the Sports Awards Night is a chance to highlight and celebrate some outstanding contributions of our Redbacks to their teams and Ormiston College.

The night consisted of visual presentations of photographs taken during each trimester of sport to the sounds of a live band. The band consisted of students Chenaya Aston, Reilly Hawke, Michael Poole, Rowan Van Der Veen, Sarah Naulls and Kyle Bryant and professional musician Andy Schrav. The band was a massive hit with the audience and accompanied the presentations perfectly.

Most valuable players and premiership winning teams were awarded trophies and pennants respectively by the sports coordinators and the coordinator’s efforts acknowledged with a gift. Following the Trimester 3 awards Brisbane Lions superstar and special guest Daniel Rich was invited on stage to be involved in a Q&A. Questions revolved around transitioning from a talented junior to established senior sportsperson, making decisions at a young age about schooling, lifestyle choices around nutrition, sleep and recovery and also about what goes on in a professional sports club. Some key points taken out of the interview were:

  • Make decisions about what is best in the moment. Dan chose to stay in his school, which was very similar to Ormiston College rather than take up a scholarship at a very prestigious boys school that his father attended and was the First XVIII captain.
  • Self-control is required. Dan said he went to parties and socialised with his friends, however, made appropriate choices to he was rested and able to play and train the following day. He admitted this was sometimes challenging, as expected, when he was in his senior years at school, however, it came across that his self-control was a key factor in his continued success.
  • Not to think you are the ‘top dog’ and always look for ways to improve. Becoming complacent leads to reduced performance.
  • Food choices are critical. Developing a healthy eating routine is important for sporting success and a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Brisbane Lions have an app where each player is required to complete certain tasks each morning, during training and other times about their physical wellbeing. Where they feel tightness or soreness, for example, they identify this on an app and the medical staff are alerted. Tests are regularly done to test lactate and hydration levels to help decision making of training loads and recovery. Dan admitted some of these things are taken for granted, however, are cool things to know about for people not involved in professional sport.

Daniel was an excellent special guest and great addition to the night’s entertainment. It was so great to listen to such a successful sporting star and how humble and grounded he is in his achievements and aspirations. His humbleness and obvious passion for footy was clear to be seen and heard and I am sure members of the audience will watch the Brisbane Lions’ games in 2016 with much more interest.

The night concluded with the announcements of the Major Award Winners. The winners are:

  • Most Improved Team of the Year: Second XV Rugby
  • Champion Team Award: Swimming
  • Most Improved Sport of the Year: Boys Volleyball
  • Most Successful Sport of the Year: Girls Volleyball
  • Coach of the Year: Matej Cerni
  • Most Outstanding Sporting Performance: Shayna Jack and Emily Meaney
  • Sportswoman of the Year: Jade Dunsmuir
  • Sportsman of the Year: James Copperthwaite

Other awards presented included:

Fifteener's award (awarded to students who played a team sport in each trimester from Year 8 through to Year 12)

  • Lauren Kritzinger
  • Kevin Penney
  • Michaela Mulder

Redback Spirit Award (donated by Sarndra Bown and awarded to a male and female student who have been selected in the most amount of Redback teams)

  • Lauren Kritzinger – 27 teams (and 10 premierships)
  • Aiden Elliott – 27 teams (and four premierships)

The 2015 sporting year was extremely enjoyable and we are all looking forward to 2016 and the challenges and opportunities next year will present.

Jack Pincott
Dean of Activities