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Ormiston students embrace the arts

The motive behind the UNESCO International Arts Education Week is to stimulate local and global awareness of the important part ‘the arts’ play in our everyday lives. Ormiston College embraced this opportunity, knowing that creativity, imagination, inventiveness and vision is of great importance to all students in this technological age.

Throughout the week our students have demonstrated their talents through various activities in music, drama and the visual arts. The festivities commenced with a stirring performance in the Rotunda by the College Big Band, which clearly brought Arts Education Week to the fore, setting a precedent for the days to follow. This was a great introduction to the week under the direction of Mrs Victoria Taylor, assisted by Mr Tim Harding, which included soloists Chiara Gay and Molly Snaylam.

Midweek our instrumental music students from Junior, Middle and Senior School participated in Flash Mob a performance of minimalist work, composed by Terry Riley for the combination of instrumental and voice. Students emerged from various parts of the school and culminated in a Sonic Installation in the Rotunda, thanks to the idea and conducting of Ms Genevieve Birch and support by Ms Rowena James, Ms Victoria Taylor and Miss Rebecca Thomas.

The enthusiasm of all involved kept its momentum as each activity bought new interest to the student body. There were colourful clowning antics to watch as well as humorous comedy acts, brilliantly presented by the Drama students, with thanks to Mrs Shea Bingham.

An extremely creative Chill-out Hive, hosted by the Mrs Julianne de Lange and staff members from the Art Department, supplied activities for all who wished to ply their hand to create a piece of art.

We thank Ms Emma Dron, Dean of Music, for bringing the event to life at Ormiston College, moreover, for giving our students the opportunity to participate in International Art Education Week and allowing them to experience the joys that ‘the arts’ can bring.

“Society is where it is today because people had the perception: the images and the imagination; the creativity that the Arts provide, to make the world the place we live in today.” Historian, Eugene Ferguson.

Valerie Warwick
Marketing Department