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Our First Day of Prep

It was a busy first day for the new Prep students at Ormiston College as they embarked on a new learning adventure together. There were great big smiles and a few nervous tears as they farewelled their families and commenced their first day with play, songs and shared story time.

As the day progressed the Prep classrooms of Ormiston College were a hive of activity! There were many new routines for the Prep students to learn where they practised their 'Have-to' jobs. Many 'Get-to-Know' you games were played to commence building what we know will be life-long friendships for our Prep Students.

The students were very curious to explore their new environment through imaginative, constructive and sensory play experiences. A particular highlight of their first day was commencing their 'Author study’ of Eric Carle with the beloved children’s story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The students engaged in oral language and numeracy activities to recount the key events of the story. They learnt and sequenced the days of the week and counted how many of each delicious food the caterpillar ate!

The Prep teachers have shared a very special time getting to know each and every one of our newest OC students and their families. We have been very proud of the students progress and enthusiastic participation during their first weeks of Prep.

The Prep Teaching Team