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P&F Community Award - Congratulations Judy Mathes-Doy

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Congratulations to Judy Mathes-Doy on receiving this semester’s P&F Community Award. Judy is a grandmother of two students at Ormiston College (Jamal, Year 8 and Leyla, Year 6), and has been volunteering on a weekly basis in the Uniform Shop for almost two years. Judy sorts and prices uniform items for sale in the ROCC Shop section of the Uniform shop, and also packs items not suitable for resale to be passed onto a school in Zambia. Photos of where these discards end up are displayed on the wall in the ROCC Shop, and a story is in the latest issue of The Oracle. It really does make a difference to these students, as without a uniform they are not allowed to sit their exams.

This award is presented every semester and the recipient can be a student, teacher, staff member, parent or friend of the College. This person will have supported Ormiston College in any number of ways without expecting recognition, rewards or accolades. The support needs to be somewhat significant and incorporate our value system but does not necessarily need to have been huge or obvious to our Community. The P&F Association thanks our un-sung heroes for making OC great!

Kerry Elliott
P&F Liaison Officer