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POPS Mums enjoy a coffee at Cleveland Harbour

2019 Pops At Raby Bay

A quote that is very relevant to POPS is … … "Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side-by-side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that." Ally Condie.Over the years, our organisation, POPS, has not only grown in number but, during our years spent as current parents of the College, ‘we grew side-by-side’ along with both, the school and our children.

The fact that those students have graduated, and we no longer attend the various school events, nothing has erased the Ormiston College ‘roots’ that were once very much a part of our daily lives.For that reason, it is always a pleasant feeling when we do happen to come across another member of POPS.

To start the new year with a feeling of friendship and belonging, a small group of eight POPS planned a social get-together, to assemble at a certain coffee shop at the Cleveland Harbour on Friday, 4 January. Due to the hugs, loud squeals of delight and the red-carpet reception that greeted each person as they arrived, it took some time to recognise the fact that the restaurant wasn’t actually open at 9.30am.

Unperturbed, the group made their way along the Harbour in search of a Coffee Shop that was open.There, as a complete surprise and totally unplanned, two quite unsuspecting POPS mothers happened to be sitting sharing a coffee. The unforeseen meeting provided a perfect opportunity to reunite, adding even more spirit and elation to the morning.

Over numerous cups of coffee and friendly exchanges, plus a stream of questions equivalent to any top government investigation, we establish the up-to-date ‘what, when and how’ of everyone present and that of their now adult children.

Conversation turned to reminiscence with questions such as “Do you remember that … …” and “What about the time when … …”.The subject that received the greatest contribution was “Do you remember when teacher, Beryl Exley, held those Bring your Pet Days in her Classroom?”, a topic that reignited many humorous memories.

During the morning, yet another POPS mother happened to walk hurriedly passed, creating a table full of enthusiastic waving arms and the remark “Gosh, Ormiston College POPS are taking over!”.

A few of the group were able to allow coffee-time to extend into lunch. For all, it was a great way of reconnecting with past friends.

Valerie Warwick
Marketing Officer and POPS Member