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Prep students act out their emotions

Throughout this semester Prep students have been spending each alternate week of their Library lesson involved with Drama: the National Curriculum calls for Drama in its English program. During Term 2 Prep students have been discovering Poetry, allowing discussions on rhyming and the introduction of different oral language found in Australian poetry, non-humorous and humorous verse.

Poetry has given us a wonderful opportunity to discover the use of voice-changes, facial expressions and dramatic body movements that can add to the expressive delivery of poetry. It has also allowed students to appreciate that poems can tell a story and that there are many different styles of poetry.

This week, Prep students were taken out to the grassed area to demonstrate their personal interpretation of the emotions they had come across in the various poems, i.e. sadness, happiness, fear, surprise, bewilderment, anger. They learnt how to control their emotion in a freeze-frame allowing them to hold their face and body in statue mode. This created a great deal of excitement and certainly pin-pointed several future drama divas.

Valerie Warwick
Marketing Department