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RoboCup Junior Queensland Championships 2017

2017 Robocup 3

Four Ormiston College teams entered this year’s RoboCup Junior Queensland Championships held on 12 and 13 August at the University of Queensland.  In this exciting and challenging competition students brought home two trophies. 

Joshua Venables (2-bit) won a tense fast-paced game in the semi-finals against Kelvin Grove State School (KGSS). The lead changed many times during the game and Josh found himself two goals down with one minute to go. The scores were level with seconds to go and Josh’s robots scored. The crowd went wild – no, they really did! The KGSS team and staff were disappointed but very gracious in defeat and complimented Josh on the way he played the game. KGSS are keen to maintain contact with OC to organise training and demonstration games between the two teams. Josh then went on to play the formidable five-man Brisbane Boys College team and lost the final against Year 12 students who had competed in the world championships in Japan earlier in the year. 

Sean Hall and Costas Hiratos (5D) were probably the unluckiest team in the Lightweight competition. They lost every coin toss (all eight of them). They struggled with technical issues with their infrared sensor on Day 1 which meant they had to win all of their Day 2 games. They saved the best until last but lost their last two games by only one point. A draw in the last game would have put them through to the finals.  However, they scored most of the goals in their games with an average of three to four own goals per game. The Lightweight competition included the Brisbane Boys College team that gained third place in the World RoboCup championships in Japan earlier this year. This is not the end of RoboCup for Cosi and Sean. We expect to see them back next year on the other side of the table as judges and referees. 

Mitchell Hall and Owen Moule (Marvin) competed well in the Open Rescue competition. Mitchell competed last year as an individual and discovered that robots don’t always do what you expect them to. This year was no different. They were second overall going into the finals but their robot did not do as it should have in the finals and they dropped back one place to finish third overall. 

Andrew Aitkenhead and Matthew Ross (Mandarin) were our Secondary Rescue Rookies. Andrew spent some time with me on Friday afternoon finalising some of his code. While he had the robot following the line and avoiding obstacles, it couldn’t turn on the green dots which prevented it from completing some of the course. They had a good first run but in an effort to improve, they made the fatal mistake of changing their code. That caused major problems in the next couple of runs but they were able to recoup with a good final run. They eventually finished 31st out of 57 teams. They enjoyed the day and were inspired by the other robots they saw on the day. 

All teams are looking forward to the national championships in Brisbane in September. 

David Bunting
Academic Coordinator (Technology)