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Rock My Heart!

After a couple of years absence from the German Film Festival and the cancellation of the event last year, 2018 brought a renewed opportunity for high school students to experience German language and culture on the big screen.

Rock My Heart was not only the title of the film that the Senior German students went to see at the end of May, but also the experience with which they left Palace Cento Cinemas. Aimed at a teenage audience, Rock my Heart was a film about a 17-year-old girl called Jana who, although she has a congenital heart defect, defies fate and seeks out every challenge and wild adventure. But everything changes when she meets the untamed stallion, Rock My Heart.

Judging from the feedback from our Year 10, 11 and 12 students, their hearts also got a workout while experiencing a wide variety of emotions so typical of European films. There was laughter, suspense, anxiety and inevitably some tears as well. The students felt all these emotions despite the fact that a technical problem meant that the audience had to view the film without English subtitles.

Rock my Heart became part of many subsequent conversations we had both in and outside of the classroom. Visits like these are an invaluable part of student learning and for us, as educators, it is rewarding to see the extended interest in the subject area that an opportunity like this brings.

Ingrid Pride and Elke Jackel

German Teachers