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Speaking in tongues – Christoff is back!

Js Languages Incursion 2018 1

After last year’s success of the Cultural Incursion presented by Nexus Arts, we invited Christoff, aka Papa Glück, back to Ormiston College again. This time to present his genuinely funny multilingual show to our entire Year 5 cohort. 

On the last day of February the students in Year 5 finished their lunches and walked to the Hall of Fame to be entertained through music, tricks, jokes and words by a multi-talented showman Christoff. Just to name a few of the languages that made it into the show, Christoff presented in English, Greek, Chinese, Italian, French, Thai and of course special focus was on the two languages our students study currently – German and Japanese.

It was amazing to watch our students, who have had only about five or six lessons of language classes under their belts, be able to respond to and follow instructions that were not in their native tongue, in English. Christoff and Papa Glück alternatively involved many of our Year 5 students in playing of musical instruments or performing tricks with spinning plates and balloons during the one-hour long show.

All our students seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the incursion and if time had allowed it they would have had even more questions for Christoff at the end. If there was a way to summarise the whole experience in one sentence I would say that our students not only walked away with a smile on their face but most certainly more mindful of the multicultural world we live in and the power of self-motivation to achieve great things.


Ingrid Pride
Acting Languages Coordinator