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Students and staff pay their respect to the Anzacs

The entire student population from Prep through to Year 12 attended a special ANZAC Day commemoration service on Friday, 22 April, along with members of the teaching staff and special guests Mr and Mrs Stanford, representing the RSL. The assembly was held in the Southern Courtyard.

There is no doubt that the students felt and understood the solemnity of the occasion, recognising the many sacrifices made by our fellow Australians. Those assembled listened to the sincere address delivered by Mr Sanford which was followed by the Redback Chorus singing ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother’ after which the poem ‘Tears on ANZAC Day’ was read.

The Headmaster, Mr Brett Webster, Mr Stanford, students and staff then went forward to lay wreaths and books. The ANZAC Ode was recited followed by the Last Post: the assembled then observed the one minute silence, after which students and staff quietly returned to their classes.

On ANZAC Day, Ormiston College Prefects represented the College at the Dawn Service, which was held at the Cleveland Cenotaph. Later in the morning students from the Junior School joined the local community in the ANZAC Day march.