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Students Dance To The Beat Of The Taiko Drums

On Wednesday 6 June, Year 6 students were entertained by a dynamic taiko drumming performance in the Lingo Lin Theatre. Renowned performers, Toshi and Anne, captivated students with their expertise on a variety of traditional Japanese instruments including the taiko drums, shakuhachi, sasara and the kane.

Students engaged with the performers and used their Japanese language skills to communicate and participate in a range of activities. Some students also entertained the audience with their musical prowess on the Japanese instruments and with their dancing skills.

Students’ heads moved left and right as in a tennis match when cymbals were used to juggle soundballs from Toshi to Anne across the Lingo Lin Theatre. It was sheer delight for the students and teachers to participate in this wonderful cultural activity, and after seeing the looks on the faces of our students, we know it is an experience that will stay with them long after the performance.

It is opportunities such as these that open students’ minds beyond the confines of the classroom walls, and help them to truly connect their language learning with Japan, Japanese people and their culture.

Rachel Ward

Japanese Teacher