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Students 'Give it up for BABI'

Give It Up For Babi

Imagine you're a teenager and this happens: 

It is late, it’s raining and it’s cold. You just left your home in a fit of rage and tears as a result of yet another fight between you and your parents. They don’t get you, they don’t seem to care about you and they don’t support you. Walking through the rain you wonder where you can go, all your friends are asleep and you can’t afford a hotel, what do you do? 

Thankfully, you aren’t alone in all of this, instead of roughing it on the streets as you have many nights before there is a better option.

A couple of blocks away the BABI Youth Centre has just recently opened up a safe communal space for young at risk youths such as yourself to go. Here you can stay warm, dry, and receive the necessary support for both you and your parents. Here you can work with professionals to help build your confidence and devise appropriate measures to deal with the next fight you and your parents will inevitably have. As well as this, you can also bring your parents in to receive help together and begin repairing your relationship with your family.

Starting in Week 2 the Social Justice Committee with the support of students and the whole Ormiston College community will commence their fundraising project - 'Give it up for BABI'. 

To be a part of the project, students are being asked to give up one thing of value for 36 hours in solidarity for those who are left with only a fraction of what they have and to raise awareness to this issue.

We also ask that students educate their friends and family on this important issue and even raise donations where possible to help aid in the mission to raise $8,000.

How do the students get involved? 

  • First they need to visit Moodle for detailed instructions on how to set up a fundraising page
  • Fill out the necessary criterion
  • Choose what they would like to give up either from the suggested list 
  • Start fundraising and surviving!

The top two students who raise the most amount of money during their 36 hours of solidarity will win exclusive prizes. So get fundraising!

For more information, please feel free to contact me. 

Georgina Barfoot
Secondary School Teacher