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Students Shine at OC Performing Arts Festival

One of the most popular student events on the Secondary School calendar is the Term 4 Interhouse Performing Arts Festival. The annual occasion provides a challenge for our four sports houses, Chappell, Laver, Norman and Wickham who compete against each other for points given by three judges, the reward being the House Trophy.

It is a major undertaking and one that calls for great team effort and support with each house devising their own mini-production in the genres of Music, Drama, Dance and Voice. Students need to script their individual presentations, hold auditions and rehearsals, organise costumes, props and scenery plus discuss background music and lighting with the theatre staff.

On Friday 21 October, all students and staff from the Secondary School gathered in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre for this year’s Interhouse Performing Arts Festival. The atmosphere was quite electric as all students were very keen to barrack for their individual house. The enthusiasm and constant cheers went well beyond the normal theatre applause as students gave their strong support and encouragement each time a member of their particular house entered or exited the stage.

The standard of talent was amazing and very deserving of the high praise it received, making it difficult for the judges. Though the criteria for marking included several explicit elements, many of the rewarding points were extremely close.

Ormiston College has many students who excel in the various performing arts, it was not surprising to see the various houses selecting their top musicians, drama students, dancers and vocalists, who provided a magnificent afternoon of entertainment. All performers demonstrated their own particular talent with great skill, showing confidence, focus, energy, excellent timing and great use of stage plus microphone technique, along with a wonderful choice of music and vocals. The choreography was superb and the introduction of humour in many of the sections was cleverly presented and very well received by the school audience. Mr Jack Pincott, Dean of Activities and the many staff and students who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, ended up with a very successful event.

The 2016 Interhouse Performing Arts House Trophy was won by Chappell, followed by Laver, Wickham and Norman. All houses are to be congratulated on their great teamwork and the wonderful spirit in which the whole event was presented.

Valerie Warwick
Ormiston College Marketing