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The First Day as a Secondary School student

On Monday morning our Year 7 students, accompanied by their parents, assembled in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre. There they received a welcome address from the Headmaster, Mr Brett Webster, followed by the Head of Middle School, Mr Philip Makridakis, who introduced the Year 7 Co-ordinator, Mrs Rosina Cullen and the Year 7 Form Teachers. Mrs Cullen explained the importance of making connections and the transition to Secondary schooling.

Students then exited whilst parents remained seated for another address from Mr Makridakis, followed by information from the Dean of Teaching and Learning, Innovation, Ms Tamara Sullivan, the Dean of Activities, Mr Jack Pincott and Dean of Music, Mrs Emma Dron, prior to a relaxing morning tea in the Theatre foyer.

Any anxious thoughts the Year 7 students may have had about becoming a secondary student were quickly brushed aside as they became involved in the busy program that had been planned for them. This included kinaesthetic activities whereby students considered alternative options on a given topic, enabling them to discuss their ideas in the classroom with their peers. They then ventured outside to participate in team ball games where they also enjoyed ‘name bang’ working on reflexes allowing students to learn each other’s names. Some of the visual activities included creating posters on four specific things about themselves plus a personal puzzle piece, all were then coloured and decorated to be displayed on the class noticeboard. An exciting hour long orientation for ‘getting to know each other’.

Morning tea was followed by session two, which involved the Year 11 Mentors taking the students on a tour of the College and posing many interesting questions, ‘Where would I go if I needed to see the Laver House Coordinator?’ Some classes ran a quiz testing their knowledge of the school. An enjoyable BBQ lunch was catered for by the Year 7 Coordinator, Form Teachers, Mentors and House Captains. The afternoon involved ‘Connecting with your House’ and incorporated a range of House spirit activities plus the swimming trials. The ultimate goal was for students to come home at the end of the day feeling positive about their start to Year 7 and Secondary School.

The day finally came to a close at 5.00pm for those involved in Term 1 sport. It had been an amazingly full day that included briefings, new classrooms, meeting teachers plus many senior student leaders. It was also the very beginning of many new friendships, great expectations, new goals and possibly the beginning of what will be some of the best years of their lives.

A very warm welcome to all our Year 7s and their families.