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Walk like an Egyptian…

On Friday 13 October, the Year 7s engaged in an incursion where they stepped back in time to the magnificent period of history – Ancient Egypt. The Hall of Fame was full of tables scattered with artefacts and replicas of this civilisation. Students had the opportunity to interact with various items on display and dressing up was a highlight (especially for the boys!). It was a wonderful experience for the students to orientate themselves for their upcoming research assignment, which is based on an ancient Egyptian artefact. The students had a thoroughly enjoyable time being Ancient Egyptians for a couple of hours.

Rosina Cullen
Year 7 Coordinator

Student Reflection:

The Year 7 cohort went back in history to Ancient Egypt. At the Ancient Egypt incursion we learnt about everything, from pharaohs to children’s toys. We learnt about the legacies of the Ancient Egyptians and how the Ancient Egyptian invented some of the things we use every day, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, mints etc. Barbara, the coordinator of the incursion, told us about different aspects of the Egyptians lives, which were laid out on tables so we could interact with them. One of the things that our cohort especially liked was the dress up section where you could dress up as pharaohs and even mummies. We also learnt about some dangerous things in Egypt like the crocodiles and hippos in the water that attacked people when they were washing clothes and collecting papyrus. Another danger was the scorpion that lived in the desert that people could die from. Overall, our cohort really enjoyed the incursion and appreciated the time and effort that was put into it.

Zoe Costigan