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We did it again! OC named one of Australia's most Innovative Schools for the third consecutive year.

Over the last decade, the world has experienced a rapid acceleration in digital technology. Such advances continue to disrupt and influence the way we live and work. The most effective schools have the capacity to respond to these shifts, reimagine the learning process and ensure that students are future ready.

A recent report by the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University entitled Preparing Young People for the World of Work highlights the need for young people to learn essential new skills in order to cope with the complex environments and the multiple careers they will experience in the years ahead. There will be fewer full-time employment opportunities available for young people and there will be a growing demand for those who can manage non-routine cognitive type roles, calling for schools to develop students’ creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, resilience, collaboration, innovation and communication skills.

Whilst we cannot predict the future with precision, we can certainly guide our young people and help them to develop a strong mindset, arming them with the 21st century learning tools required to cope with the dramatic changes that will occur in their lifetime.

The approach to schooling at Ormiston College embraces such elements and is constantly evolving. At Ormiston College we continually assess the opportunities that emerging technologies bring to the process of teaching and learning. It seems certain that mixed reality devices are going to have an impact on education.

As Greater Brisbane’s first Microsoft Showcase School, there are many new learning projects currently under development at the College. Among these, the College recently became one of the first schools in the world to trial the Microsoft HoloLens – a revolutionary device enabling students and teachers to reimagine the ways they collaborate and learn.

The College recognises that 21st century technology has created new opportunities to enrich engagement, learning, and active participation with a range of communication modes and tools. Staff and students are excited about the possibilities of mixed reality and how technology can be integrated in teaching and learning to provide a more visual and tactile experience than just using 2D imagery and text.

Our new Teaching and Learning Framework focuses on the key elements needed for success at school and in the world beyond. The framework documents our guidelines for planning and delivering quality teaching and learning experiences across the campus. In an environment of innovation, our goal is the development of transferable skills that equip our learners with the ability to engage in a rapidly changing global community; opening up endless opportunities.


The College is proud to have been recognised for the third consecutive year in a row as one of the Educator Magazine’s Most Innovative Schools List.

The full Educator Magazine article can be read here.