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Year 3 students interview Katrina Logan

On Wednesday 4 November the Year 3 English Extension students had the great privilege of interviewing Katrina Logan, a well-known Brisbane author and an Ormiston College mum. Mrs Logan has been publishing children’s stories for a number of years, and shared with the class her experiences of writing.

The Year 3 students have spent several weeks analysing and evaluating picture books. The students are able to identify the audience, purpose, textual features and images used by different authors, such as Dr. Suess, Graeme Base and Jeannie Baker. Throughout all these books the authors have effectively shared important lessons about our environment. The class are now using their knowledge of picture books to create their own story with an environmental message. The class are researching a range of different issues from plastic bags to hunting to deforestation.

Mrs Logan gave the class some very useful tips as they begin this process. We discussed the ‘recipe’ for an effective children’s book and talked about reaching a wide audience. As we looked at some of her stories, such as Straddie, The Very Shy Peacock and Amity and the Show and Share Week, we learnt how to make a story a ‘page-turner’ and where to find inspiration for our writing.

It is wonderful to have such amazing talent in our school community and draw upon the expertise of our parents and friends. Hearing a real-world author share her experience has excited the students about their own writing and we look forward to many more experiences like this in a range of curriculum areas. If you have a special skill, talent or interest, please make sure you let us know so that we can involve more people in the learning experience and collaborate on different projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about Katrina Logan’s books, please visit her website.