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Year 7 Zumba!

Energy, enthusiasm and exuberance were in abounds as the Year 7’s engaged in three Zumba sessions this term, designed to promote their confidence. It was a delight to see all students get involved in the Latin-inspired dance workout, that saw them groove to the beat of an array of music. Over the three sessions, students built upon a learned routine culminating in an awesome display at the finale!

It was inspiring to see all students involved, giving it a go, and while some were hesitant at the start, it didn’t take long for them to build their confidence and shine with everyone else. Quiet students were singing loudly to the music, reserved students were leading the group and those more comfortable behind a computer screen were kicking their legs high to the catchy beats.

The focus of the Term 3 Year 7 SEP Program is for students to develop new skills and build their confidence. Zumba has certainly helped the students shake, jump and kick their way toward this goal!

Kerrie Sullivan
Acting Year 7 Coordinator