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Year 9 Art Exhibit 'Exploring the Human Figure'

On Friday 14 October, the Year 9 students welcomed parents, teachers and peers to view their exhibit ‘Exploring the Human Figure’ in the Shared Space Art Gallery. This exhibit showcased work from the first three terms of 2016; but for the first time included work from the Multimedia students too. On display were life drawings from Term 1: 'Capturing an Emotion'. Students had sketched a life model and experimented with a variety of mediums to create large, spontaneous drawings from a variety of poses. Work from Term 2: 'Journey of the Figure' included new media (animated) presentations from their Term 1 drawing folio.

Our main attraction was The Nasubi Galleries; students protested silently about issues faced in everyday life. The Multimedia students showcased work from the first semesters’ Graphic Design units including magazine cover designs that used their photography and a business stationary package featuring their own logo designs. With a strong showing, voting for our top three galleries proved difficult. We would like to thank all who supported this event and would like to extend our congratulations to the three Nasubi prize winners: Josephine Murphy – First place, Gabby Jones – Second place and Isabella Thaesler – Third place.

Samantha Wong
Secondary School Teacher