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A harmonious way to start the year - our annual Music Camp

The last weekend prior to the commencement of Term 1, music students from Year 11 and 12 assembled in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre for a leadership session.  This beginning really inspired our seniors, who went on to set the tone for what turned out to be a very special Music Camp. An event that undertook many student-led activities and initiatives.    

A total of 83 young musicians arrived at the beautiful Queensland Conference and Camping Centre in Brookfield.  All were ready and eager to participate in rehearsals, workshops and team-building games plus the enjoyment of making music together.

Members of our Guitar Ensembles, String Ensembles and Bands achieved a remarkable head start to their 2018 repertoire.  Outstanding progress was accomplished through effort, hard work and the obvious pleasure derived from creating and sharing music. The Annual Music Camp is an Ormiston College tradition that has been running successfully for many years.

 Two reflections from Year 12 music students:-   

"Despite this year's Music Camp being my very last; it was never the less amazing. From my start in grade 8, I have experienced some highlights and made some amazing friendships. For example, Stuart and I were both new to the school in year 8 but have grown to be great mates. From band camp, we have made a trumpet trio and a strong bond with most of the 2018 music family.

Great memories from this band camp consists of the singing in the cafeteria with some of my best mates, leading the interlude with our fellow seniors and the singing of classic songs on the bus ride with everyone involved.

I am looking forward to our final year in the OC music program, as I know there are many more memories to come.  Thank you for another great experience".     Matthew McAllister (Band)

"As a Grade 12 student who just completed their last Music Camp I look back with mixed feelings. A sadness knowing that it was the last opportunity for us to experience the unique opportunities that Music Camp provides us. However I also look back at all the great memories knowing that the oncoming students will fill our shoes with pride and keep Music Camp as a great time with friends creating music".  Oliver Breadmore (Strings)

Yet another outstanding Music Camp organised by Ormiston College Dean of Music, Emma Dron and accompanied by an amazing music teaching team of tutors, teachers and conductors; Rowena James, Victoria Tylor, Campbell Ross, Timothy Harding, Jason Taggart, Tracie Comber, Krystill Hansen, Camille Olin, Eugene Mac and Christine Byrne, all of whom contributed greatly to this year’s very special music event.