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Middle School

Students celebrate excellence at annual Speech Night

This year's Speech Night was another wonderful celebration for the students of Ormiston College.

Celebrating the sporting achievements of 2017

The Sports Awards Evening was held on Wednesday 1 November. The exciting evening ran very smoothly, providing everyone involved with lots of fun and entertainment.

Guidance and support of student mentors celebrated

The Year 11 Mentors of the 2017 did a wonderful job. They continually guided and supported the Year 7 group as they made their transition into secondary school.

Year 9 Geography students call for change

As part of the Year 9 Geography course, students are currently working on student-led fundraising campaigns for charity organisations that operate in less economically developed countries.

Year 9 Explorations

Year 9 Visual Art and Multimedia students recently had the opportunity to present their works with the opening of the art exhibition 'Explorations'.

Walk like an Egyptian…

On Friday 13 October, the Year 7s engaged in an incursion where they stepped back in time to the magnificent period of history – Ancient Egypt. The Hall of Fame was full of tables scattered with artefacts and replicas of this civilisation.

We did it again! OC named one of Australia's most Innovative Schools for the third consecutive year.

Ormiston College takes innovation to a whole new level.

The Play’s The Thing: Cultivating innovation in the Drama Classroom

Drama challenges students to role-play and learn practically through the senses. Drama is also a subject that supports holistic development. Drama provides real-world learning experiences that strive to prepare students for the twenty first century.

Students 'Give it up for BABI'

Commencing in Week 2, the Social Justice Committee will begin project 'Give it up for BABI' to help support and fundraise for a BABI Youth Centre to be refurbished.

SAY NO TO BULLYING Middle School Cup Grand Final

On Thursday 14 September, the Middle School joined as one to witness an enthralling Grand Final of the Say No To Bullying Middle School Cup between Germany and North Korea.


​On 8 September the Ormiston College OCATVE ensemble consisting of Alena Olds, Chiara Gay, Emily Pearson, Molly Snaylam, Kyle Bryant, Matthew Garnett, Thomas Whyte and Fraser Todd, made their way down to Melbourne in order to compete in the AUSACA 2017 Australian A Cappella Awards. This festival saw the best school a cappella groups from around the country battle it out to be crowned the AUSACA Australian A Cappella Champions.

World visionary in education tech experiences 21st century learning at OC.

Both staff and students were fortunate to have Dr Gary Stager, one of the world’s leading experts and advocates for computer programming, robotics and learning-by-doing in classrooms, visit our College recently.

Year 7 students experience 'Cyberia'

Year 7 students engaged in powerful, compelling, theatre experience about cyber bullying and its devastating repercussions.

OC celebrates strong results in Debating!

Our Debating teams did us proud this season.

$20 to build, design and deliver a business.

Shark Tank's Steve Baxter visits Ormiston College for the $20 Boss Challenge.

RoboCup Junior Queensland Championships 2017

Four Ormiston College teams entered this year’s RoboCup Junior Queensland Championships held on 12 and 13 August at the University of Queensland. In this exciting and challenging competition students brought home two trophies.

OC students shine at Redlands Eisteddfod

Wow! What a wonderful selection of music activities and achievements!

The race that stops Ormiston College!

Middle School Life Education

Recently Middle School students participated in a Life Education session with presenter, Claire Trethewey as part of the Student Enhancement Program.

Say No To Bullying Middle School Cup

On Wednesday the Middle School united as one for the launch of the 2017 Say No To Bullying Middle School Cup.

Secondary Choral Camp Success

The Coolum hills were filled with the sound of music from Friday 14 July to Sunday 16 July as students from the Ormiston College Chorale went to choral camp.

Energy of Zumba!

Zumba was a hit start to the Term 3 Confidence activity in Year 7. Over the course of three weeks, the whole cohort will gather for Zumba sessions to engage in their Student Enhancement Program focus for this term.

International Arts Week

International Arts week was recently celebrated by staff and students with the focus for the week on ‘Sustainable Living’.

Year 8 students take on Kokoda Challenge

On Monday 24 April, Year 8 students walked in the footsteps of ANZAC heroes, as Brisbane’s infamous Mt Cootha lookout transformed into the rugged terrain of Papua New Guinea’s Kokoda trail. It was along the Kokoda track, 75 years ago, that our diggers overcame overwhelming odds and atrocious conditions to take victory over the enemy. Outnumbered and outgunned, this was possible due to their trust and respect for each other, their ability to never give up and their determination to hang in there when all seemed lost.

Year 7 students take on Camp Goodenough

From High Ropes to Leaps of Faith, Billycart making and Wobble Stack navigating, the Year 7 students have had a ball at Year 7 Camp!

Middle School students mark the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence with solidarity

Students from the Middle School took to the Southern Courtyard to stand together, united in our College theme of #OCBullyFree!

Year 9 students take on Noosa North Shore

Students and teachers engaged in a range of activities including leadership, survival skills, orientation, high ropes, canoeing and raft building.

Congratulations Form Leaders and Swimming Age Champions

Middle School Form Leaders received their badges and the Swimming Age Champions were presented with their medals.

Planning for Academic Success

‘Planning for Academic Success’ Parent Seminar a success with over 100 people attending.

Claire Dewar accepted into elite Queensland Theatre Youth Ensemble

The First Day as a Secondary School student

Year 7 marks the beginning of many new things, new friendships, great expectations, new goals and possibly the beginning of what will be some of the best years of their lives.

Ormiston College Middle School students partner with iSEE CARE

Everyone needs a little love and iSEE CARE believes in a love that is unconditional, puts others needs before our own and one that is practical and loud!

Students acknowledged at the Australian Mathematics Trust Awards Presentation

The Australian Mathematics Trust 2016 Awards Presentation has held on the evening of Friday 4 November at King's Christian College on the Gold Coast.

Students celebrate a great year of mentoring

The Year 11 Mentors of 2016 have played a significant role in leading, supporting and guiding the Year 7 students as they have transitioned into secondary school.

Year 7s step back in time with the Egyptians

Year 7 students spend time being ancient Egyptians

Year 8s put their hip hop talents on display

Over the course of the term, students have been working on their confidence through participating in a Hip Hop Class Challenge.

Race Day for Year 9 Design Technology Students

Year 9 Design Technology students recently held a ‘Race Day’. This event concluded a six-month design journey.

Artist Therese Flynn-Clarke inspires Year 7 students

On Wednesday September 7, Art staff and the Year 7 cohort welcomed artist and educator Therese Flynn-Clarke to lead a workshop creating mixed media sculptures.

Robocup Junior 2016 – Qld Championships

Middle School students competed in the 2016 Robocup Junior Competition at the University of Queensland.

Hope Changes Everything

"Hope is the single defining factor for success - in life and in business. When I talk about hope I’m not talking about unsustainable spikes of happiness and enthusiasm. Hope isn’t sitting back and waiting for better days. I’m talking about lasting change." Glen Gerreyn.

SAY NO TO BULLYING Middle School Cup Grand Final

The ‘Say no to bullying’ Middle School Cup is an anticipated event on the College calendar. At this year’s Grand Final, the Middle School joined as one to witness a play off between ‘Ivory Coast’ and ‘Cook Islands’.

Energy of Year 7 Zumba!

Energy and excitement filled the room as the Year 7s were introduced to their Confidence activity for Term 3: Zumba!

Middle School Life Education

Recently the Middle School students participated in a Life Education session with presenter, Claire Trethewey as part of the Student Enhancement Program.

OC brings home Second Place at the Da Vinci Decathlon

Year 7 students participated in their first da Vinci Decathlon

The Hurting Game from Brainstorm Productions

The Hurting Game, for the Year 7 students. A live, interactive theatre experience captured the dizzying highs and crushing lows of high school and growing up.

Middle School Chess players take home third place

Students finish third at the Somerville House High School Autumn Chess Invitational

Year 7 Geography Planning For OC’s Future

Year 7 Geography students are actively investigating real-world problems

Morris Gleitzman enhances literary studies for Year 7

Author Morris Gleitzman worked in residence at Ormiston College on Thursday 28 April with the Year 7 students to support their study of his novel, 'Once'.

Language in Exchange

It all started with a young English teacher in Germany looking for an Australian partner school to participate in a short e-mail exchange project with her students. It progressed to six weeks of e-mailing during Term 1 and finished, if that is the right expression, with some friendships that will last beyond the duration of the project

Middle School students inspired by ​Motivational Media presentations

"Little things count, start small", is just one quote spoused in the motivational media presentation where we were introduced to some ordinary people doing extraordinary things - everyday heroes. We were inspired by just a few amazingly self-driven people and motivated by some great quotes.

Australian Business Week - Years 9 and 10 students experience ABW Enterprise Education

During Semester 1, an opportunity to take on management roles and experience the responsibility of running a business, has been given to our Year 9 and 10 students who are currently studying Business.

Impressive result for Chess Club

Ormiston Junior and Middle School Chess Club wrap up

Year 8s tackle Kokoda at Cootha!

Year 8 students travel to Mt Cootha to participate in the Kokoda Challenge

Year 7s at Camp Goodenough

Camp Goodenough certainly lived up to its name and was more than good enough for the Year 7s this year!

Girl power strong in Tug of War competition

Girls gain bragging rights over the boys

Year 9 ABW Café Simulation Program Launch

Year 9 Business and Commerce classes held the launch event for the Year 9 ABW café simulation program.

​Pulling Together – Year 8 Intra-Form Tug of War Challenge

Year 8 Students Tug of War tournament, great fun!

Students given the tools and courage to help stop bullying online

Year 9 cohort watch a cutting edge educational theatre performance on cyber bullying called Verbal Combat.

Mentors offering guidance and support to Year 7 students

​The Year 11 Students Mentors play an important role in the development of Year 7 students as they begin their Secondary School journey.

Planning for academic success

It was fantastic to see so many Middle School families attend the Planning for Academic Success Seminar held last night in the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre.

Year 8 tackle Mount Cootha in Kokoda Challenge

On Tuesday 1 December, the Year 8 cohort travelled to Mount Cootha to participate in the Kokoda Challenge.

Making connections to cement strong foundations for secondary school

​A day filled with fun and laughter is what the current Year 6 students, together with the new students for 2016, experienced on Wednesday 25 November as they attended the Making Connections program.

Engaging Year 9 Geographers with real world issues

The Year 9 geographers of 2015 have stepped up to help people they will never get the chance to meet and to date they have raised over $8,000 for a variety of groups.

Dakota recognised for his outstanding effort

On 6 November, Year 8 student Dakota Miller was presented with a Medal for his outstanding effort in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Year 7 Debating Team come home with a win

On Wednesday 28 October the Year 7 Debating Team took on the tough opponents of Redeemer Lutheran College at Villanova for the QDU Debating round robin.

​Year 9 Gallery Exhibit: Exploring the Human Figure

On Friday 16 October the Year 9 students welcomed parents, teachers and peers to view their exhibit ‘Exploring the Human Figure’, in the Shared Space Gallery.

Year 8 students break out and get into the field

The Year 8 cohort took their learning outside this week by participating in the combined Science/Humanities Hilliards Creek field trip.

​Year 7 History gets hands on

There was no easing back into the school routine for our Year 7 historians this week. Instead, they jumped out of the classroom to get some practical (and tactile) experience working as Egyptologists.

An accomplishment way beyond outstanding

The Australian Mathematics Trust, the highly respected national organisation based at the University of Canberra, is responsible for the organisation of the longstanding ICAS mathematics competition which is held throughout the world.

​Year 8 ‘Confidence Challenge’ achieves its goal through Hip Hop

To build confidence and self-esteem in adolescents, whilst providing fun, challenge and student collaboration is a task that was taken on by the Middle School

​Jordan performing way above her age level

Jordan Predl (Year 9) represented Queensland at the Australian Teachers of Dancing Australasian Dance Scholarships in Melbourne in July.